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Babyprint hand & hand - glazed

When you have your babyprint made at the shop, you decide how you want the text on the print.
You can have your childs name and age (any language) or a date or just the name - it is up to you.
Normally I make the text black, but you can also have it without color.
See all the different examples here.

We can send you a giftcard for babyprint, but you have to be there with your baby or child to have it made.  It only takes about 15 minutes to make it, but the rest of the process takes up to 12 weeks.
(It must dry slowly, and it has to be fired two times before it is done)
I can make the hand & foot print from 0 - 12 months

See more here :  handprints and here :  hand & foot prints

Material : porcelain or stoneware
Size : depends on the childs age
Shape and glaze details will be decided, when you have it made in the shop.
- you can choose between glazed og not glazed.