welcome to the new Liebeshop


When you order a nameplate from Liebe, you choose the nameplate first. Then you choose how many names you want on the sign. Each name ( surname or lastname ) cost an extra price.  Signs like &, commas and dots are included in the price.
When you have chosen the names, you continue the buy and write the names in the "comment note".  If we have any questions to your order, we will contact you.

It takes up to 8 weeks to make the nameplate, depending on the production. The porcelain is a delicate material, so we handle the process with patience to avoid cracks in the firing. It can however sometimes happen anyway, and in that case we will contact you and let you know. 
The nameplate can hang outside

Material : porcelain
Color : black letters
Decoration: stars, dots or flower
Size : depends on the names and decoration, but it can not be bigger than 15 x 20 cm

Film: Ali Asperheim Sound: Kristian Isholm Saarup